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The insulated, laminated and highly flexible E-Cu busbar Isoflexx® sets a new standard in the field of flexible busbars with its highly developed and proven technology. Isoflexx® consists of several copper lamellas, lying one unto the other. These are durably protected by a high-quality special pvc - insulation (Isoflexx®) or another environmentally friendly halogen-free silicone insulation (Isoflexx® Premium).

Isoflexx® ... more than just flexible

Flexible, insulated, laminated busbars, setting a new standard.

More information here

Bare and tinned flat copper braids

SPS also produces flat braids in any desired length for special applications. More information here

Expansion and braided connectors

SPS has chosen the most commonly used types from the wide variety of customized expansion and braided connectors. More information here

Ultraflexx® ...

Ultraflexx busbars are highly flexible connectors, produced of copper braided flexibles. More information here


... the composite busbars with aluminum core and copper cladding More information here


SPS keeps a stock of selected insulators for different applications and requirements. More information here

Grounding braids

MBS grounding braids are press-welded in a special process. The braids are made of highly flexible flat material (Cu-ETP bare or tinned). More information here

Copper bars

Copper bars, flat and solid. More information here

Busbar Supports

The universal suitability of the busbar supports for different bar formats greatly reduces stocking needs. More information here

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