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Grounding braids

The MBS grounding braids from SPS are a one-of-a-kind in the market, as the connections of the braids are press-welded in a special process. The braids are made of highly flexible flat material (Cu-ETP bare or tinned).


SPS grounding braids have the following advantages:

Low heating in the event of a short circuit: welding of the connections ensures minimum transition resistance and means there is no need for contact sleeves with increased resistance.

Long-term stability: the welded design guarantees consistent resistance, and there is no aging due to corrosion as is the case with contact sleeves.

High operating reliability: the welded connections can withstand extremely high short-circuit currents with high limit temperatures. No softening of the connections can occur as is the case with soldered connections

MBS grounding braids, bare and tinned copper

1Lengths from 100mm to 500mm in 50mm increments - other lengths on request; length is defined as hole center distance.

Grounding braids nomenclature:

In modern switchgear systems with devices like programmable logic controllers or field bus connections, high-frequency grounding is of paramount importance. It is not only ohmic DC resistance that plays a role but also the impedance, which increases with increasing frequency.


The key factor here is the conductor shape, the overall length and the connection technology. The flat braided materials also used to make grounding braids have an impedance that is many times lower than that of comparable round grounding cables and are for this reason alone far more suitable for high-

frequency grounding. They also possess an ideally low transition resistance, something that can only be achieved by welding. The SPS grounding braids are also highly suitable for ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of different system components and equipment. Electromagnetic interference is generally of high frequency, and the low inductance of the grounding connection is of particular importance when working with higher frequencies.


As a rule, this means these connections shoud be as short as possible. However, the shape of the ground connector (flat and thin) plays a more important role in determining inductance in the higher frequency range. The SPS grounding braids perfectly meet this requirement.

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