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ISOFLEXX® - Flexible, insulated, laminated busbars, setting a new standard

ISOFLEXX® is an insulated laminated busbar of the highest technical standard. ISOFLEXX® sets a new benchmark in the area of flexible busbars with its highly developed and proven technology.

ISOFLEXX® the busbar that can do MORE! Because flexibility alone is not enough!

ISOFLEXX® is made up of several layered copper lamellas durably protected by special highgrade PVC insulation (ISOFLEXX® Classic) or environment-friendly halogen-free silicon insulation (ISOFLEXX® Premium). The loose arrangement of the lamellas in the insulation allows problem-free bending and twisting, and the fine lamination gives ISOFLEXX® its outstanding flexibility.

ISOFLEXX®, the innovative and cost-effective solution

for all electrical connections in switch cabinets and low-voltage switchgear systems

as a movable component inside solid busbar systems

for connecting generators, transformers, switchgear systems and switching equipment

as a connecting lead to machine switches, immersion baths, etc.

as a riser in switching systems

The conductor material:

Isoflexx®Highly conductive Cu-ETP 99.9

Isoflexx® Tinned or bare copper lamellas

Isoflexx® Suitable for drilling and punching


The insulation:

Isoflexx® Resistant, with reinforced edges

Isoflexx® High operating voltage

Isoflexx® Homogeneous, stress-free insulation (no bursting at edges)

Isoflexx® Higher thermal short-circuit resistance than comparable bars or cables

Isoflexx® Different colors

Isoflexx® 3 different versions

    » Isoflexx® Classic = PVC, self-extinguishing

    » Isoflexx® Premium = silicon, halogen-free and self-extinguishing

    » Isoflexx® Supreme = Santoprene, halogen-free

Isoflexx® Complies with RoHS Directive


ISOFLEXX® Environment-friendly

Easy to install thanks to:

Isoflexx® Maximum flexibility

Isoflexx® Bending with minimum radii

Isoflexx® Shorter connections, space-saving design

Isoflexx® Reliable operation thanks to high operating temperatures and high operating voltages

Isoflexx® Certified and monitored by UL/CSA

ISOFLEXX® - advantages at a glance!


Saves space:

Saves space


ISOFLEXX® possesses unusual flexibility and can even be folded.
In addition, the resistance of the conductor cross-section is far lower
than that of cable and therefore permits smaller bending radii.
This saves time and enables you to work more effectively.






Due to the flexibility of ISOFLEXX®, the number of contact points is
far lower than with conventional solid busbar systems. Moreover,
the flexible design compensates for construction tolerances during
installation, which means it is no longer necessary to perform any
additional bending as would be the case with solid busbars.
ISOFLEXX® greatly reduces installation time.

Material consumption:



Material consumption


The smaller conductor cross-section of ISOFLEXX® compared to cables
with the same ampacity reduces material usage.
The simple and efficient design saves you time and money.






ISOFLEXX® enhances the safety of your systems and installations:

no cable lugs

reinforced edges

extreme heat resistance

certified dielectric strength

well-balanced insulation

Choose ISOFLEXX® for maximum reliability!

Everything in its place:


Everything in its place


The special ISOFLEXX® production process allows the use of different
colors for the insulation. You can choose from a range of standard
colors (green/yellow, blue, brown, black) or specify colors according
to your requirements. This means you can color-code different connections,
making it easier for you to retain an overview of connections
in the switchgear and other systems while making them safer
at the same time.
ISOFLEXX® ensures everything is in plain sight.

ISOFLEXX® is customized to meet your specific needs:


Isoflexx® Cutting to length

Isoflexx® Bending

Isoflexx® Twisting

Isoflexx® Drilling of hole patterns

Isoflexx® Drilling of oblong holes

Isoflexx® Press-welding of connections

Isoflexx® Riveting of connections

Isoflexx® Imprinting of customer names and logos

Isoflexx®Full imprinting to customer specification

Isoflexx® Packaging to customer specificatio

What do you need?

 variable lengths of 250 - 3000 mm

 Holes on one or both connections

 Presswelding (only blank copper) on one or both connections

Bending at any angle on the broad side
 Fold over the high edge

 Twist of 90° on both connections

We are happy to hear about your needs and to help create an appropriate offer.


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